VigiMax offers unique and innovative solutions to help solve industrial safety and productivity issues.

The main challenges that manufacturing companies face are worker safety and general productivity. The human factor plays an important role in the count of minor or major accidents:
– a worker forgets to close a barrier,
– he is distracted during a task,
– a dangerous zone is poorly identified,

Mistakes and oversights add up quickly. These accidents lead to exponential costs for companies:
– absenteeism,
– late production,
– care costs for the injured person,
– training of the replacement,
– increase in the insurance premium

Our systems protect businesses and workers by managing all of these risks automatically, eliminating the human factor.

At VigiMax, we believe in turnkey solutions. That’s why we have developed a single technology to meet all the needs of small, medium and large businesses. Thanks to this technology, which adapts to their realities, industries can:
– secure risky pedestrian crossings,
– avoid collisions,
– limit access to accessible areas,
– and more.

For the equivalent of what industries spend per year or less on security, we provide a bespoke solution to industry security problems. Learn about our preconfigured sets to meet your safety and accident prevention needs.

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